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Adventure Farm, Llc

Adventure Farm, Llc
1135 Clan Chisholm Lane

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In 1950 Morris Chisholm bought a farm in Albemarle County, Virginia near the town of Charlottesville -home of the University of Virginia. In those days life in central Virginia was slow and people were scarce. UVA was a small state university (all men) and the entire town of Charlottesville had only 25 thousand citizens. There was no I-64, no airport and very little modern infrastructure. In those days the farm's phone was on a "party line" with all the neighbors and the Adventure Farm was remote and "in the country".
Over the past 60 years the town of Charlottesville has grown, but Adventure Farm is still the bucolic paradise it's always been.
Adventure Farm is a sustainable family farm located in northern Albemarle County. The stewardship of the farm's natural resources, begun in 1950 by E. Morris Chisholm, is continued today, some 60 plus years later. Today, Adventure Farm is still family owned and operated, home to the 3rd and 4th generations. The Chisholm family comes from a long line of farmers in Louisa County, Virginia emigrating from Scotland in 1716. 
The farm's pastures are rolling and gentle. Naked Creek runs through to the reservoir and the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains line our view to west. Numerous lakes and ample woods provide an abundance of wildlife such as geese, ducks, deer, fox, dove & quail. It is a haven for nature with preserved open space amidst a modern environment of encroaching development. 
Crop diversification and traditional farming practices have improved the land quality by increasing soil fertility and decreasing erosion. Crops such as grapes, hay, corn, soybeans, wheat and livestock such as beef, goats, eggs, pork are produced in their natural cycles, providing for the family as well as the surrounding community. Farming is important to us and we take pride in our heritage, welcoming the community to share in our real farm experience. 
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