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Annefield Vineyards

Annefield Vineyards
3200 Sunny Side Road

Hours: Year Round

A WHITE QUARTZ SAPPONY INDIAN arrowhead was found at the site, so we christened the first vineyard Arrowhead. The first three acres were planted in 2006, and that vineyard was expanded to five and one-half acres in 2011. A second three-acre vineyard was planted on another part of Annefield in 2014. This site is adjacent to Sunny Side Road, so we call this vineyard Sunny Side. Both are planted on Georgeville silt loam, a fine-grained soil derived from the weathered meta-volcanic rock of the Carolina Slate Belt.

With our deep, well drained soils, hot summers, and relatively mild winters, the climate and soil in Charlotte County are perfect for wine grape. We are taking advantage of these great conditions and have selected grape varieties that flourish here. Our vineyards are situated at 500-ft. elevation in an area with excellent air drainage.

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