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Artesano Mead

Artesano Mead
1334 Scott Hwy

Open: Summer

Mead, or wine made from honey, is mankind's oldest fermented beverage. If you've never had a glass of mead before, you're in for a pleasant experience. Mead is available from dry to sweet and in many different flavors, all depending on the vintner's imagination. Our goal is to provide a fresh, well balanced and enjoyable glass of wine that accentuates the floral character of the honey with a hint of underlying sweetness.

The collection of honey from a wild hive almost certainly predates the cultivation of grapes or grains. It's not hard to imagine our early ancestors discovering the entrance to a beehive in some ancient tree and becoming curious about the determination and speed which the workers sallied forth. Our innate drive to know more would have led us to the honey, the golden reward of the bees' labor. Stored in open containers, or perhaps mixed with water to extend its bounty, the honey would naturally ferment and give its drinker internal warmth and a sense of well being.

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