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B & C Winery

B & C Winery
2499 Soco Rd


Tuesday - Saturday: 11:00 am

Sunday: 10:00 am

*Closing times vary

About Us:

Utilizing the Vineyards from around the world, (California, Australia, Washington State, Italy, Chile, Argentina) Chris takes the juices and skins, along with the fresh mountain spring water and creates these wines.  Chris wants folks to have an enjoyable memory of the mountains along with the wines.  A unique gift to give to the house sitter or pet sitter or that neighbor who may have picked up your mail and watched over your property while you were away enjoying the mountain views.

Or enjoy a taste of the mountains while dining on fine steaks, seafood, BBQ or Italian cuisine, "Bob says some of our Tuscan wines were made just for pizza."

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