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Belle Vinez Winery

Belle Vinez Winery
W10829 875th Avenue

Open: Year-round

About Us:

Wine has long been synonymous with life's greatest moments. So what defines a great moment?! Great moments may be grand life events or can emerge on an arbitrary Wednesday after a long day at work. Wine is meant to bring people together. Sharing stories, casual conversation or celebration. The Zimmerman family established Belle Vinez Vineyard & Winery to personify this ideal.

Located near River Falls, Wisconsin, our family winery offers guests a unique wine experience. Enjoy some wine. Relax inside our Tuscan style winery or sip your glass outdoors with the sunlight on your face from our central plaza overlooking the vineyard.The whole family is involved in this poetic endeavor, young and old, in case you see young kids wearing Belle Vinez shirts pruning or testing the brix levels of the grapes. Do not be alarmed. They are supposed to be there.

We decided to randomly take some of our family's memorable life moments and weave them into our wine. Each bottle shares a great life moment or in some cases, just an unforgettable life moment. Our family welcomes you and yours to make your great moments at Belle Vinez.

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