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Black's Smuggler Winery

Black's Smuggler Winery
25 Winery Road



Thursday-Sunday from 12:00 - 6:00pm


Friday-Sunday from 12:00 - 5:00pm


We are a small winery in Bosque, New Mexico. Located 18 miles northeast of the Ladron or “Thief” Mountains, this area was notorious in the 18th century for being a Smuggler's refuge. 

These hills have long served as a hideout for bandits and thieves, and local folklore is steeped in the tales of these men; tales of outlaw adventures and treasures stashed in mysterious caves. It is within riding distance of these “Thief Mountains" where Black’s Smuggler began. 

Like the pirates that came before them, the outlaws of the southwest have always disregarded tradition. At best, they treated the rules more as “guidelines” than actual rules. Black's Smuggler wines are no different. Using traditional wine styles as a starting point, we specialize in adapting those styles and using unconventional grape varieties to meet our New Mexican geography and taste. 

The result of our work is a group of wines that each have a uniquely New Mexican charm without any of the pretension associated with the Old World. For example, our Sauvignon Blanc is blended with a splash of Vidal Blanc (a French-hybrid grape that thrives in the range-lands south of Albuquerque) to enhance its flavor complexity and give it bright melon notes. We encourage you to try any of our wine varieties and judge them by the only standard that matters to us; whether or not they’re enjoyable.

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