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Boquet Winery

Boquet Winery
35 Cox Neck Road


The fun here was in creating a signature style—aromatic, yet fresh—for a totally new brand, and at the same time, demonstrating how good Long Island wines can be. The name is catchy, the packaging fresh and contemporary, and the taste is delicious! Bouké and Bouquet wines are a pleasure for all the senses – the eye, the nose, and of course, the taste buds.

With the growing green movement, professional and home chefs have been focusing more on local food and artisanal products. This interest has expanded to local wine. Both New Yorkers and tourists are now seeking New York wines. They have been receiving greater press attention and acceptance at both restaurants and fine wine shops. New York wines offer an alternate to the warmer climate Calfiornia style - they are cooler climate, aromatic, food-friendly, medium-bodied wines with crisp acidity and without heavy oak. 

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