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Brown Estate Vineyards

Brown Estate Vineyards
1005 Coombs Street (2nd Fl) at NW Corner of First Street,

The scarab beetle we have adopted as part of our visual branding is an ancient Egyptian agricultural totem, a symbol of good luck and long life that in various iterations has graced our wine labels through the years. The watermark version displayed above is the de facto logo for our Brown Downtown Napa tasting room. We find it an apt metaphor for Brown Estate, its overall form a relatively streamlined picture of calm whose intricate timeworn carvings tell tales that require a deeper level of engagement to tease out. The business of operating an estate winery, making our wines from grapes we grow on our own land, relies heavily upon forces beyond our control. Mother Nature is a brilliant but fickle business partner, and our increasingly burdened planet a delicate resource from which we derive our livelihood. As we move through Brown Estate's third decade, these immutable realities continue to demand and inspire our passion, humility, and gratitude.
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