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Burr Oak Winery

Burr Oak Winery
N5873 Highway 12 & 16

Open: Year-round


The winery's first grapes were planted in 1997. Vines have been added yearly since and most recently 4 acres of NEW vineyards.

Building construction began July 15, 2003 with planning and design starting in 2000. I really like the architecture in Germany, so when we started thinking about this building, I wanted it to be a European looking building. I also wanted it to be made out of stone and wood. Almost immediately revisions were necessary in order to incorporate an amazing auction find...several stained glass windows from a church that was built in 1882. Probably one of the most spectacular windows we have is one that was given to that church by the Civil War Veterans that were part of that church. It is dedicated to the Grand Army of the Republic. We also have another window that actually has grapes on it, which is our centerpiece window.

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