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Capra Collina Winery

Capra Collina Winery
1971 Scranton Carbondale Highway

About Us:

Heritage... from the villages in the hills of Italian Provinces Umbria and Marche, immigration of our forbears to the villages in the hills of Pennsylvania in the United States... generations of winemakers with an unbroken legacy of excellence... centuries of experience. 

Capra Collina... in English translates to "Nanny Goat Hill" an area of Jessup heavily populated by Italian immigrants in the early half of the Twentieth Century. The settlers kept free-range goats for their milk and cheese, both ricotta and mozzarella. The goats were housed in a communal barn which later became the site of a public school. Unfortunately, the goats were imprinted to return to the site in inclement weather or at the first sign of trouble. The school, and surrounding neighborhood, eventually was referred to as "Nanny Goat Hill". We use the name to honor those early Italian settlers and to recall their contributions to the American experience. 

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