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Carolyn's Sakonnet Vineyard

Carolyn's Sakonnet Vineyard
162 West Main Road


Daily: 11am - 5pm


Founded in 1975, Sakonnet Vineyard rests on 150 acres of land, 30 of which have produced our award-winning wines for over four decades. Our grapes are grown locally, picked by hand, and barrel-aged in French, Hungarian, Russian and American oak.

Nestled between two waterways, Sakonnet has distinct maritime conditions. Cool air combines with a humid subtropical climate—rarely found in northern America. These conditions foster a longer ripening season and a later-than-average harvest.

Sakonnet's soils are more mineral-based with fewer nutrients, which allows for heartier, deeper-rooted vines. The grapes are slow to develop, and mature into a fruit with low sugar levels and high acidity—maximizing freshness and a depth of flavor.

Early-morning winds blow in from the water, lowering temperatures and wicking away the morning dew. Salty sea breezes, occasional rains, and rolling fog all lend unmistakable, striking flavors to the grapes at New England's oldest vineyard.

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