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C.N. Smith Farm

C.N. Smith Farm
325 South Street

About Us:

The farm was originally started as a potato farm in the 1920’s by Carl Smith on 20 acres.  Numerous changes over the years included the addition of livestock and poultry.   In the late 1950’s our father, Carlton Smith, a graduate of Stockbridge School of  Agriculture, decided to take a different direction by raising strawberries and plants for  wholesale and pick your own.  Some eighty years later, the latest generation of Smiths  is continuing the family business on 90+ acres of fruit and vegetable crops.  In addition to  our pick your own apples and berries, we cultivate and harvest our own tomatoes, asparagus,  lettuce, corn, peaches, plums, nectarines, pears, etc.  We  encourage you to see and taste first hand the fruits of our labor in the hopes that everyone can enjoy the experiences of  visiting the fast disappearing American family farm..

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