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Country Mill Farms

Country Mill Farms
4648 Otto Road

Open: Year-Round

From it's humble beginnings in 1871 where the orchard was a u-pick only operation with the cash register consisting of a tin can nailed on top of a wooden fence post, our farm has grown considerably since then.

The Tennes family (Bernie & Ann) "bought the farm" in 1971 with a desire to raise their children (only Michael at that time) on a farm instilling strong family values and work ethic. Bernie with a PhD in agricultural engineering couldn't leave his USDA work "at work" but instead our farm became his personal laboratory. Once idea lead to another, resulting in what you see today.

The login cabin was replaced by the brick house in 1865 after Jacob Upright returned from the civil war. Much restoration was needed when we moved in.


To produce fruits and vegetables of highest quality, with the least amount of off-farm inputs.
To make it easy for our customers to have "fun on our farm" as they harvest and choose our products.
To market the majority of our products directly to the consumer in as many ways as are financially profitable.
To conduct all business dealings, so that a Christian philosophy is evident.
To develop a financially sound business wherein all team members can achieve personal and financial satisfaction and success.
To conduct the business in a way which ensures a balanced family life, with time for rest and vacation.
To develop a business structure, adaptable to extended family members joining the business, if they so desire.

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