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Four Daughters Vineyard And Winery

Four Daughters Vineyard And Winery
78757 State Hwy 16

Open: Year Round

Anybody passionate enough about something has wondered what it is like to turn that love into a business. A farm wife and grandmother wondered that same thing about growing grapes, selling wine and offering a rich experience in the middle of corn and bean fields of southern Minnesota. Only, Vicky Vogt wasn't just daydreaming. She was serious.

"When she first hit me with the idea, I said, 'You're crazy; let's not do this,'" said Vicky's husband, Gary Vogt, a lifelong farmer who has lived within the same mile his entire life.

Now when people walk in the futuristic, metal building, he's the one they often see first - with a glass of sangria and a welcoming hand. Welcome to Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery.

After a handshake and introduction, it's quite obvious Gary is co-owner with Vicky, but he rarely introduces himself that way.

"Hi, I'm Gary, the father of the four daughters," he says with a grin and magnetic demeanor.


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