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Hedgegrove Farms

Hedgegrove Farms
8780 S 800 W

Located in the beginnings of the Black River valley of Southwest Indiana and nestled among rolling hills and narrow country roads lined with majestic pecan trees, Hedgegrove Meadery and Winery sits in one of the regions most beautiful agricultural landscapes. Built between 1830 and 1850, the winery location was originally founded by a family of doctors that settled in the region from the east coast. In 2009, Nathan and Laura Kluger began the art of crafting fine, traditional artisan foods for their growing family. From fine European style crusty breads, soft cheeses, and even dry cured prosciutto from their own acorn fed livestock, the rich historical landscape lent itself to the labor of crafting fine culinary foods.

After sampling their first crop of honey in 2009, the Klugers realized that their apiary was producing something special. The natural floral and delicate citron aromas that were found in this special Southwest Indiana honey lent themselves perfectly to the art of meadmaking. In early 2013 Hedgegrove Meadery and Winery received its licences to begin production of this delicate mead, made exclusively from the raw honey produced on location. Whether served sparkling like champagne or slightly sweet, the complex bouquet in these meads pairs perfectly with a fine plate of locally grown pears and goat cheeses or a light meal consisting of salads and cold pastas.

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