Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard

3962 Route 14

Open: Year Round

As a native of Bernkastel, Germany who emigrated to the Finger Lakes in the 1960s, Hermann J. Wiemer was uniquely qualified to help establish and create a wine region now known for its Riesling identity. His mother's family had been making wine in Germany's Mosel Valley for more than 300 years. His father, Josef, a skilled nurseryman, had been in charge of the Agricultural Experiment Station in Bernkastel and was responsible for restoring vines in the Mosel region after WWII. As a result, he recognized the importance of grafting vinifera on American rootstock. Ultimately, this conviction led Hermann's father to convince Dr. Thanisch - who maintained the most famous Riesling vineyard in the world - to graft Mosel Rieslings onto American rootstock.

Hermann spent the summers of his youth learning to graft by hand and later complemented the skill and knowledge passed from father to son by attending Germany's premier winemaking and viticultural institutions. However, it wasn't until his experience in the Pfalz at the Viticultural Research institute in Neustadt (Forschungsinstitut fur Reblausbekampfung und Wiederaufbau der LLFA Neustadt) that Hermann was finally able to put his life experiences and education to practice. This practical training and research institute, headed by the influential Dr. Helmut Becker, only accepted three admissions per year... and Hermann was one of them.


Katherine Sears

Friday, Dec. 29, 2017

Such a wonderful winery. Great atmosphere, beautiful old barn with exposed beams and wood. Perfect for an intimate and unique wine tasting of quality wines. Might be harder for big groups since the tasting room is quite small, but I'm sure they could accommodate a larger group if you called ahead. Would definitely go back

Charles Perras

Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017

Excellent wines. Known throughout the area for their high quality wines. There is a wine there for all types of wine drinkers. The staff could be a little nicer. The tasting room(s) are nice but, it seems like they are working hard for customer turnover rather than a pleasant tasting experience.

Stewart Laird

Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017

The tasting room and buildings in general at Hermann Wiemer are impressive - very fancy. As such, and being a famous winery, it can be quite crowded even in off times. The whites were good as expected, reds did not impress, even compared to some of the other wineries in the area. The staff were a little flustered (understandably) with the number of people to serve and also answering questions. Worth a visit for sure, but wasn't the highlight of my trip.

Michele Gallagher

Friday, Dec. 29, 2017

Tasting room manager was abrupt and not warm. The person who conducted our tasting was not friendly. The wines are very good. The experience leaves a lot to be desired.

MarĂ­a Agustina Martinez Romero

Saturday, Sep. 16, 2017

Wonderful personalized tasting with knowledgeable staff. Wines were balanced and beautifully presented. Dotti made our tasting experience memorable. Hope we can come back!