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Lewis Lakes Vineyards

Lewis Lakes Vineyards
1075 Chelsea Road

Open Year Round


This simple phrase represents a summation of the business model for Lewis Lakes Vineyards. We are a family owned enterprise and each phase of our wine making process is strictly Alabama....Alabama planted, Alabama grown and nurtured, Alabama harvested, Alabama fermented, Alabama bottled and most importantly, sold at our Alabama winery. The vineyard and winery are located on our 60 acre farm approximately one and one half miles north of the Shelby County Courthouse on Chelsea Road(Highway 47).

The initial inspiration for the vineyard can be traced to a very special group of farmers located in Napa Valley, California, whom also happened to be some of the world's best winemakers. They became familiar with the annual wine auction hosted by Magic Moments for the benefit of seriously ill children and they fell in love with our southern hospitality. Their contributions to the wine auctions and the resulting success stories for the children can never be repaid but their hard work, humility and generosity can be copied. With these ideals in mind, the original vineyard was planted at Lewis Lakes Vineyards in 2007.

The Lewis family, Bill, Bonnie, Michelle, Will & Lauren, operate the vineyards and winery along with the very able assistance of our vineyard manager and resident botanist, Gary Litzinger and his wife Teresa. Additionally, our annual harvests would be impossible without the help of other family and friends, with special thanks to Buddy Stith and Matt & Elizabeth Allison.

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