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Mallow Run Winery

6964 West Whiteland Road

Memorial Day Weekend - First Weekend of October

Mallow Run is the product of years of hard work by John Richardson and his son, Bill, and Bill's wife, Laura. John grew up on the farm, moved away to teach school for 35 years, and then retired back on the farm with the intent of growing grapes to supply other Indiana wineries. Bill, who grew up dreaming of living on the farm, settled into the original Mallow/Richardson home after graduating from Purdue with a degree in Agriculture. Bill met Laura (Emerson) while playing in the Carmel Symphony and with a shared love for music, wine, and the farm, they married in 2005.

The first grapes were planted in 2000, with more to follow in subsequent years. The vineyards now cover 8 acres of the family's 600-acre farm. On the remainder, more than 50,000 bushels of corn and soybeans are still raised each year. With expanding vineyards taking root, an aging barn with great potential, and the desire to share our love of fine wines, the decision was quickly made to open our own winery right here on the farm.

On September 3rd, 2005, the dream was realized and the tasting room opened to the public.
Mallow Run is a stream whose waters wind their way through our family farm and flow past the winery on the way to the White River. Its namesake, George Mallow, settled this farm in 1835 and some time after built the barn where the tasting room is now located. Seven generations later, his family still lives on the farm and wishes to share their corner of the world with you!


robby matthews

Sunday, July 1, 2018
I'm giving this place 5 stars not because of the wine.... If I was rating their wine it would be at best a 3 star rating.. but what they have to offer as far as a great family atmosphere and the live music keeps me and my family coming back on the Saturday evenings in the summer where me and mine can go and enjoy a great safe and entertaining time full of music, dancing and food trucks... And who doesn't like food trucks? Now their wine... Everyone has different tastes.. someone may give them a 5 star rating on their wine... But they have a lot of competition out there as far as wine goes... .. But with all that said... The whole experience of Mallow Run winery and the memories that they are helping me create with my family.... Is deservant of 5 stars.... Bravo I don't ever give a place 5 stars... My wife says that I am way way way too picky.... And.... As usual she is always right... I am.....

Dan Lake

Monday, July 2, 2018
They provide great entertainment that is family friendly with their concert series. Always enjoy going out to their property.

Donna Johnson

Sunday, March 4, 2018
I love tasting there wines. It is a fun place to be on a warm summer evening or afternoon. The wines are great. I am a more of a semi sweet to sweet wine drinker. I love the picnic red and the picnic red blush. White wines are okay but depending on the brand. I love the live music there.

De Graham

Sunday, June 24, 2018
What an awesome time, band was grand and wine was fine... I will be going back. Great time .

Amber Galbreth

Sunday, March 4, 2018
Amazing wine. YOU GET 6 FREE SAMPLES!!!! It's amazing. Food was great. People were so incredibly nice. We learned about all the events they have in the summer. We can't wait to come back soon. Wine prices were super reasonable to.

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