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Martin Vineyards

Martin Vineyards
213 Martin Farm Lane

Iin 1977 the MARTIN family moved to KNOTTS ISLAND.upon their arrival,thay started their family farm with peaches and scuppernong grapes. ITwas a decade latter in 1987 when thay started planting VINIFERA grapes. little did thay know when thay started this crop that it would be the only successful and thriving VINIFERA planting on the coast of NORTH CAROLINA.

IN early 1994,this key component lead to the success of THE MARTIN VINEYARDS and ESTATE WINERY.THERE are other things that have made MARTIN VINEYARDSsuccessful.

NORTH CAROLINA'S coast of rich soil overlooking the scenic KNOTTS ISLAND BAYhas played an integral part.with the use of the most current and innovative technologies along with their viticulture techniques,thay have been alble to "farm for flavor".

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