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Mercer House Estate Winery

Mercer House Estate Winery
394 Walter Rawl Road

There are many variables that effect the flavors of wine. Environmental elements are the first factors to determine the final outcome of a wine. Subtle differences in enviromental conditions can be passed into the final product. "Terroir" - Basically, it refers to the micro-climates that exist across a vineyard.

At Mercer House Estate, each of the vineyards has it's own unique climate based on the different soil types, field slopes, proximity to aquatics, wood lines and orientation to sun exposure. These subtle differences impart unique flavors into the grapes of each vineyard, each harvest and each wine.
When we designed the trellis layout, we took into account these differences and decided to label each as part of the vineyard culture, which is reflected in the unique flavors of our wines.

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