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Nimble Hill Winery and Nimble Hill Brewing Company

Nimble Hill Winery and Nimble Hill Brewing Company
3971 SR 6


The Winery and Brewery are owned by Gary and Ellie Toczko, who lovingly describe their establishment as a "Family". Tucked away in the beautiful rolling hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania, is a place where the Toczko's, along with their four children, daughter Mya, and triplets, Maggie, Haley, and Jacob call home. Gary and Ellie first opened the Winery & Brewery based on a dream of agriculture. Without knowing what to grow, they reached out to their friends looking for information on what is best and what is possible to grow in the area. After gathering information, they decided that growing grapes would be perfect for their property. From there, like a vine, their dream just kept growing.
Once the vineyard was fully grown, the Toczko’s and their friend, Kevin Durland, started to make wine in the garage of the Toczko’s home. It was there, in that garage, where the dream of just having a vineyard grew into Nimble Hill Winery and Vineyard. Still today, Gary, Ellie, friends, and family talk about the days where they all would come over for “Bottling Parties”. They would form assembly lines to fill, cork, label, package, and stack cases of wine. After doing this for a few years, the Toczko’s then realized that they were starting to outgrow their two car garage and needed a bigger area. So, they decided to build another facility on their property, which is what we call the winery today.

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