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Olde Country Winery And Vineyard

Olde Country Winery And Vineyard
301 Olde Country Schoolyard East

Open: Year Round

The Olde Country Winery & Vineyard had nearly everything you can think of in order to help you make your own beers and wines at home. It was a truly awesome place! They had the largest selection of wine making kits, equipment and ingredients in the entire Lake Lillian, Minnesota area.The best part about the Old Country Winery was that the friendly staff was highly trained and experienced in the art of making beer and wine at almost any level: large, medium, small or extra small (one bottle at a time).

From wine ingredients to beer kits to bottles and labels, the Old Country Winery had it all. They even had carboys, hops, yeasts and handy dandy bottle scrubbers in their shop. I will truly miss the great Minnesota wine that the Olde Country Winery created. Their superb wines made it fun to be a member of their wine club.In fact, in their hay day, they even got licensed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture for Minnesota Grown. This was by far the best Minnesota winery there was.They also had a great Email Newsletter list we were a part of in which we received news of Special Wine Prices and New Wines from the Olde Country Winery & Vineyard.

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