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Sherwoods Winery & Distillery

Sherwoods Winery & Distillery
6743 E Cook Lake Rd

About Us:

Sherwoods Winery & Distillery sits on an old hidden still site in the northern forests of Duluth, MN. During prohibition, moonshine was made in the cover of night on the shore of our private 10 acre lake. Though a bust was made and the still destroyed, remnants of the ceramic pots and the spirit of the land that provided the passion exist today. That spirit and passion has been reignited in Sherwoods Winery & Distillery.

Davin and Kristen Sherwood, with Davin's culinary and brewing background, and Kristen's chemistry experience combined with ten years of beekeeping, have taken this old still site to a new level to produce top quality artisan wines and spirits that make the rich history of this land proud. We are committed, and passionate about using the very best raw ingredients nature has to offer, and our on site apiary is the driving force behind our main ingredient, honey.

Our harvested raw honey is used to produce honey wine, or mead, using a cold process fermentation technique to preserve the delicate taste and aroma of the honey. The mead is then column distilled to produce our very unique, high end, small batch, artisan 3BEES Brand Spirits. The quality of these spirits is shown in thier characteristic smoothness, creating a unique sipping experience like no other.

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