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Silver Stag Winery

Silver Stag Winery
5230 Country Lane

Silver Stag Winery sits on a prime piece of Tulocay acreage in the heart of Napa Valley, just east of the town of Napa and about three miles from the Bay. Planted in plums back at the end of the nineteenth century, the soil is rich enough and distinct enough to have earned it consideration as an official viticultural appellation.

 The vineyard is defined by a gentle swale that sits at the foot of Mount George. Its microclimate, comparable to "cool Bordeaux", is a bit warmer than Carneros, but it still feels the marine intrusions flowing up the path of the Napa River. The effect is to extend the time on the vine, yielding smaller berries with less tannin and far more concentration than the Napa average.

Silver Stag has planted the majority of its land in Cabernet Sauvignon, with some Cab Franc and Petit Verdot.

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