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Smith Devereux Winery

Smith Devereux Winery
1460 First St

Smith Devereux is a small, boots on the ground, Napa Valley winery that farms sustainably and strives for balance, complexity and food friendliness in our wines. We believe in featuring the subtle and unique flavors of the vineyard and grapes, keep things down to earth, welcome everyone, and do everything possible to be inclusive in an industry that is often viewed as exclusive. We, (Smith and Dev) host guests in person, are always available to our customers, and put our club, customers, and integrity first. We use minimal packaging, no animal products, and do everything we can to bring pure joy out of wine and life.

The Smith Devereux story began, as many great stories do, with music and wine. A travel and wine writer, a farmer with some of Napa Valley’s best grapes, and a music industry insider with a love for wine and need for change; we were an unlikely trio. But a nearly impossible opportunity at just the right time brought us together, and together we have stayed.  Weeks after meeting we shook hands backstage at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA and took on the deal that would lead us into a life-long friendship, the founding of a winery, and a plan to conquer the world. Well... the wine world. True world domination may actually be outside of our skill set.

We blended our backgrounds in music and wine, paired them with partner John Anthony Truchard’s wine industry and farming expertise, and formed Smith Devereux. We are driven by the simple goal of making world-class wines at modest prices.

Every bottle tells a story. We hope that our wines will become a part of yours.

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