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Sorrenti Cherry Valley Vineyard

Sorrenti Cherry Valley Vineyard
130 Lower Cherry Valley Road

Open: Year Round

About Us:

In 1912, an Italian man came to the United States in search of the American Dream. During his lifetime, he came to realize that his true hopes and dreams were not those of wealth, but ones of family, love, and tradition. In an effort to preserve the his Southern Italian heritage, he taught his sons the trade of his family, l'arte del fare il vino. His was the start of Dominic Sorrenti's lifelong commitment to viticulture and winemaking. After meeting his wife Mary and moving to the Poconos, he started Sorrenti's Cherry Valley Vineyards in 1981. Among one of the first to attempt growing grapes in a climate where others deemed it impossible, and making wines of fruit and the local vitis lambrusca grapes, Sorrenti set the bar for future winemakers and wineries in the area. Since then, his son Nicolas has studied both at the vineyard and at UC Davis in California, perfecting his skills as winemaker. He has refined the taste and elegance of the wines at Cherry Valley Vineyards and has won over one hundred awards as a result. He will continue to shape the future of the winery along with his siblings, who carry on the family tradition.

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