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Sovereign Estate Wine

9950 N Shore Rd

Open: Year Round


Audrey Nickleby

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Wonderful time. Great music and awesome wine. Owners are very gracious. Beautiful facilities. Kid friendly. We will be back,soon and often!

Aaron Wacker

Sunday, June 10, 2018
Super friendly, lots of award winning wines. Amazing pavillion and great live music events. Excellent for large groups and food is diverse and vegetarian friendly. This place has been expanding too. Worth checking out and it is on the bike path.

Debi Johnson

Monday, June 4, 2018
My husband and I have been to Sovereign Estates for several different events, and just for some afternoons. All were fantastic. The winery is great, the staff and owners are terrific, and the events are nicely organized. Our favorite wine is Talon Crest. I highly recommend visiting if you get a chance.

Joy Lubinus

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Beautiful evening with fine wine and nice entertainment. Really like the new pavillion they added to the winery.

Dawn Scholz

Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017
We were there for the first time this weekend for the Christmas lights. For the price of entry, I think it would have been nice to include a hot chocolate, coffee, or even a s’more, instead of having to pay extra. Brews were suggested at entry. It would have been great to be able to sample the new brew without having to buy, like we can do at the actual brewery. My husband was told that he could get a sample of something as long as he bought a pint. He only wanted a sample of the new brew to see if he wanted that. Maps should have been at an easy accessible location. People were asking me what I had and where I got my map. It would be nice to have suggested walking paths lit with solar lights for people that have never been there before. We weren’t sure if we were supposed to cut across, go around, or what. Plus, the lawn was rutty, and for people that don’t have great balance, that probably wasn’t the best choice. The lights were very pretty, and I really enjoyed looking at them. Most of them you could see from far away, or across the lake. The winery itself seems awesome, the land is beautiful. My comments are for the event itself.

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