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Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery

Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery
417 Hixbridge Road


In 1982 the Russell Family purchased the historic, 140-acre “Long Acre Farm.” Following a family discussion, a stewardship statement was drafted. At the heart of this statement is the Russell Family’s belief that they are stewards of both land and possessions; that these are not truly owned, but rather are temporarily gifted and to be used in a fashion honoring those who came before and those who follow afterward. The family declared they would use this South Coast farmland both for agricultural products (including food, wine and beer) and for education (about the value of working natural resources).

The Russell’s founded both Buzzards Bay Brewing and Westport Rivers Winery upon this deep regard for local agriculture and education. As of 2012, the Russell Family has permanently preserved 400 acres of working farmland and forest.

Our Farm

Our farm is the home of the fourth generation of a family of winegrowers. In 1982 we set ourselves up on the sunny, South Coast of Massachusetts. Why? Because we knew, based upon a study of the climate and soils, that this is a wonderful location for growing the kind of wine we love: gloriously aromatic, deliciously crisp wine.

And it just so happens that we were right. Our wines display all the world-class characteristics for which we sought. Our soils are dark, rich New England loam on well drained gravel. Our climate is cool but moderated by the warm waters of the gulf stream (which bathes our shoreline all summer and fall). Our rainfall, perfectly accommodating for farming grapes.

We welcome you to visit us and enjoy a wonderful day in New England’s wine country.

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