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Whitewater Wines

Whitewater Wines
10832 Fischer Hill Dr.

Open: April 18 - December 20

About Us:

Whitewater Wines is located in the bluff country of South East Minnesota in the uplands of the Whitewater river valley. The winery is on 30 acres of prairie, hardwoods and vineyard. There are walking trails, two ponds and is beautifully landscaped.

The winery is run by the owners, Eric and Wanda Hanlon, along with their three school aged children.  The owners moved to this location in 1996 and have been growing cold hardy grapes and perfecting wine from them ever since. They currently have over 20 different grape varieties in a 2.5 acre vineyard, with plans to add another acre soon.  The winery also buys grapes from local vineyards in Southeast Minnesota.

Whitewater Wines has a large wine list with something for every palate. There are dry bold reds and whites with wonderful oak flavors. There are fresh semi-sweet whites and smooth easy drinking fruit blends.  There are special seasonal wines and bubbly that come and go. The owners have selected grape varieties that produce great wine and craft these wines to match the tastes of a wide variety of people. They hold their wines to a very high standard and are proud of everyone one of them.  Their hope is to  have a wine for everyone. Come out, taste the wines, and have a glass in a beautiful rural setting. Light food is available and bringing a picnic lunch is welcome.

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